Changes Impact VCAT Applications

Recent applications to VCAT may be experiencing delays in processing as the Tribunal gets strict regarding the correct name of the permit applicant and applicant for review.

The permit applicant and applicant for review are required to be the same on both Council and Tribunal applications.

Whereas business and trading names have been accepted in the past, VCAT applications are now being placed on hold until the name of an appropriate legal entity is provided.

An appropriate legal entity can be; a real person, a registered company or business (registered name not trading name) or trustee of a trust that can legally enter into a contract. It is also preferred that entity to have a real interest in the application, such as: the landowner or developer.

If you find yourself in the situation where appeal documents need to be changed you may be required to apply to VCAT to amend

  1. The permit application by changing the name of the permit applicant and/or
  2. The application for review by changing the name of the applicant

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