Planning Scheme Amendment VC205 – Transport Zones

The Victorian State Government has introduced a state-wide Planning Scheme Amendment VC205 which changes the Road Zones 1 and 2 (RZ1 and RZ2), and the Public Use Zone 4 (PUZ4), to a new Transport Zone (TRZ). The TRZ combines the RZ 1 and 2 and the PUZ4 into a single zone for public infrastructure that is associated with land-based transport, including road and rail elements of the state transport network and significant municipal roads. The new zone provides consistent requirements through a single zone rather than separate zones for different modes of transport. The new TRZ is now shown on planning maps as follows:

Shown on Planning Scheme Maps as Purpose of Transport Use Zone previous known as
TRZ1 State transport infrastructure Public Use Zone 4 (PUZ4)
TRZ2 Principal Road Network Road Zone, Category 1 (RZ1)
TRZ3 Significant municipal roads Road Zone, Category 2 (RZ2)
TRZ4 Other transport uses Public Use Zone 4 (PUZ4)


Clause 36.04 Road Zone is now titled “Transport Zone” and includes the following purpose:

To implement the Municipal Planning Strategy and the Planning Policy Framework.

To provide for an integrated and sustainable transport system.

To identify transport land use and land required for transport services and facilities.

To provide for the use and development of land that complements, or is consistent with, the transport system or public land reservation.

To ensure the efficient and safe use of transport infrastructure and land comprising the transport system.

The clause has been further amended to refer to the “Transport System” rather than just roads.

Clause 29 Land Adjacent to a Road Zone, Category 1 or a Public Acquisition Overlay for a Category 1 Road has been retitled Land Adjacent to the Principal Road Network. A planning permit is still required under this clause to create or alter access to specified roads, in this case a road in a Transport Zone 2.

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