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Victoria's New Residential Zones
Aboriginal Cultural Heritage
Calculating Council's 60 Day Timeframe
Applying for Costs at VCAT
Amending a Planning Permit

Zone Changes for Forever

Regular readers of BDAV News will be aware despite the fanfare surrounding the introduction of the three new residential zones back in July 2014, many Councils are yet to make a full transition from interim ‘neutral conversion’ (General Residential Zone) to their preferred zones and schedules.

Xmas Notification Blackouts

Once again at this time of year Councils across the state will implement ‘blackout periods’ restricting the advertising of planning applications over the festive season. As is the case year-in-year-out the dates and restrictions of the ‘blackouts’ vary from Council to Council.

Planning Mediation

Mediation is used often in planning to resolve or narrow issues between parties. The usefulness of mediation should not be underestimated where a face-to-face meeting or a telephone call might result in a much smoother process and mutually beneficial outcomes.

Seriously Entertained

Not like after a night with Pink or One Direction – but like: ‘seriously entertained planning scheme amendments.
Over the last few months we have been contacted by a number of planning permit applicants seeking to clarify the definition of a “seriously entertained” planning scheme amendment/document and their affect.

Council Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Regular BDAV News readers may recall an article in One Planners’ Tid Bits concerning VCAT’s ruling that a permit applicant is not liable for the costs associated with Council’s peer review of technical reports.

Best and Worst Council’s to Work With.

The results are in. The Planning Permit Activity Statement, published earlier this year by DPCD, makes interesting reading for developers and architects trying to identify the Municipalities that are easiest to work in.