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Calculating Council's 60 Day Timeframe
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More Smart Classes

n the two previous issues of BDAV News we have discussed the changes underway with the Victorian Government’s SmartPlanning program. VicSmart is the fast-track planning permit application process for certain classes of application, and they are non-notified and exempt from third party appeal. The VicSmart arrangements are set out in Clauses 90 to 95 of Victoria’s Planning Schemes. On 27 July 2017, as part of the SmartPlanning Program, the State Government introduced additional classes of application to the VicSmart planning process for the residential zones.


In recent issues we have discussed the extension of the VicSmart system, set out in Clauses 90-95 of the Victorian Planning Provisions (VPP). VicSmart provides a shorter planning permit process for simple and straightforward applications. Two recent VCAT decisions have dealt with the VicSmart provisions and will be of interest to regular permit applicants:

Smart Planning Program

In July 2016, the Victorian Government introduced the Smart Planning program, to make the planning process in Victoria easier to understand, more efficient and accessible by:

Expansion of VicSmart

Regular permit applicants will be familiar with VicSmart, Clauses 90-95 of the Victorian Planning Provisions (VPP), introduced in 2014. VicSmart provides a shorter planning permit process for simple and straightforward applications. Key characteristics of the VicSmart system include:

Calculating Council’s 60 Day Statutory Timeframe

One of the most common complaints from planning permit applicants is the length of time taken by Councils to determine planning applications. Councils have a statutory requirement to decide upon planning permit applications within 60 days. In reality, the time taken to determine a planning permit application is often far greater, with a current state-wide average for buildings and works applications, close to 210 days.

VicSmart: Narrow Focus Maintained

In the first VicSmart application to be determined by VCAT, Johnson v Banyule CC [2015] VCAT 444, the Tribunal has provided a timely reminder to Councils & permit applicants that only the limited number of matters set out for each application type are relevant for consideration.