VCAT’s New Fee Structure

From 1 July 2016, fees relating to VCAT Planning and Environment matters have changed. The new pricing system is based on a three-tier structure. Your status will determine how little or how much you’re required to pay. Proof of your claimed fee payer level will need to be supplied with your application. The three tiers are as follows:

  1. Concession fee payers:
  • Must hold a current government issued Health Care Card to claim concession
  1. Standard fee payers include:
  • Individuals, small business sole traders, partnerships or not-for-profit organisations
  • Incorporated businesses with less than $200,000 turnover in previous financial year confirmed by statutory declaration
  1. Corporate fee payers include:
  • Businesses with a turnover of more than $200,000 in the previous financial year
  • Corporate entities and government agencies

Application fees are payable at the time of lodging and determined by a combination of the above fee payer category, type of application and estimated cost of project. In most instances applicants will see a minor increase or a slight reduction in application fees across the board. For example review of planning decisions relating to:

Single dwellings, conditions appeals or VicSmart matters

  • Concession fee payers fees are capped at $150 till 30 June 2017 (excluding Major Cases)
  • Standard fee payers see the fee drop to $819.70 from $1081.20
  • Corporate fee payers pay a modest increase in application fee from $1081.20 to $1171 irrespective of value.

Multi-dwelling or non-dwelling projects with a value up to $1million

  • Concession fee payers capped at $150 (excluding Major Cases)
  • Standard fee payers application fee reduced to $917.30 from $1081.20
  • Corporate fee payers application fee has increased from $1081.20 to $1310.40

Multi-dwelling or non-dwelling with a value between $1million – $5million

  • Concession fee payers capped at $150 (excluding Major Cases)
  • Standard fee payers application will see the fee almost halved from $2086.20 to $1083.10
  • Corporate fee payers application fee has decreased from $2086.20 to $1547.30

In addition to ‘application’ fees, ‘hearing’ fees are now payable in most cases from day one. Previously no charges were incurred when a matter was initially listed whether for a 3 hour or three day hearing. From July 1 the length of time required to hear your matter will be billed separately.

These new hearing fees are determined by the same three tiered-system.

Concession Fee Payers

  • Fees are capped at $150 a day from day one through to completion except for Major Cases

Standard Fee Payers

  • Day 1 to 4 will cost $341.50 per day
  • Days 5-9 $683.10 per day
  • Day 10 and over $1024.60 per day

Corporate Fee Payers

  • Day 1 to 4 will cost $487.90 per day
  • Days 5-9 $975.80 per day
  • Day 10 and over $1463.70 per day

There are some exceptions to the rule. Complex and Major cases will incur greater fees while some hearings will not incur fees for the first day of the proceedings, including:

  • Projects valued between $1-$100,000
  • Change of conditions applications or
  • VicSmart applications

No hearing fees will be charged for mediations, compulsory conferences, directions hearings or practice day hearings.

Notably: hearing fees will apply to all appeals not yet heard, even if lodged prior to 1st July 2016.

To learn more, including how to pay, refunds, fee waiver, reduction or deferment and other variations, visit the VCAT website at

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