Waste Management & Recycling in Multi-Unit Developments

Sustainability Victoria has recently revised the 2010 guide – Best Practice for Waste Management in Multi-unit Developments (Revised 2017). The draft Guide to Better Practice of Waste Management and Recycling in Multi-unit Developments was open for consultation until 13 July 2018. The draft Guide usefully provides standard waste generation rates and a Waste Management Plan Template for use in planning permit applications. The Guide also provides standard waste management requirements for the following classes of development:

  • Two of more residential dwellings on a lot;
  • Low rise or walk-up apartments (up to 4 storeys);
  • Mid to high-rise developments/apartments (≥ 4 storeys);
  • Mixed use developments;
  • Precinct scale developments.

The Guide is thorough, practical and requires applicants to consider waste management as part of the design process, including bin storage, collection methods, commercial/specialised waste, hard waste and organics, as well as the various types of collection vehicles and their manoeuvring requirements.

The draft document can be found in the following link:


Clause 1 envisages the main benefits of the Guide are to provide a consistent approach to assessing waste management design in planning permit applications, across the state, and the provision of much of the necessary waste management information requirements within the one document.

We will keep readers updated on its progress and final release

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