Clause:1 has provided services and advice on thousands of projects across Victoria. A small selection of that work is provided below. Should you wish to discuss any of these examples or your next project please contact us.

Eaglemont | Fish Creek | The Esplanade

Project: Significant Renovation with a History
Municipality: City of Banyule
Designer: Vibe Design Group
Builder: Icon Synergy

This site had a protracted history of planning enforcement proceedings including numerous VCAT and Supreme Court cases involving the previous owners. It’s litigious past was set on a new course when Council erroneously wrote to our client and advised that a planning permit was not required for their proposed renovation. After commencing work on the renovation Council initiated enforcement proceedings against the new owners. Clause 1 represented the owner, provided diligent advice, prepared and lodged the requisite planning permit application and was successful at VCAT in ensuring that only a very limited number of the historical objectors where notified of the application, before a permit was issued.