VC139 – New Apartment Design Guidelines for Applicants

In late August, the State Government gazetted Amendment VC139. For regular development applicants, the most significant change contained in VC 139 are the new Apartment Design Guidelines for Victoria.
The Apartment Design Guidelines have been created as a companion to the recently introduced Better Apartment Design Standards and are now listed as a reference document within the State Planning Provisions.
Permit applicants seeking planning permission for apartment projects can review the new Apartment Design Guidelines for assistance in interpreting the following Objectives and Standards:

Objective Clause(s) Standard(s)
Energy efficiency 58.03-1 & 55.07-1 D6 & B35
Communal open space 58.03-2 & 55.07-2 D7 & B36
Solar access to communal outdoor open space 58.03-3 & 55.07-3 D8 & B37
Landscaping 58.03-5 D10
Integrated water & stormwater management 58.03-8 & 55.07-5 D13 & B39
Building setback 58.04-1 D14
Noise impacts 58.04-3 & 55.07-6 D16 & D40
Accessibility 58.05-1 & 55.05-6 D17 & B41
Building entry & circulation 58.05-2 & 55.07-8 D18 & B42
Private open space 58.05-3 D19
Storage objective 58.05-4 & 55.07-10 D20 & B44
Waste and recycling 58.06-3 & 55.07-11 D23 or B45
Functional layout 58.07-1 & 55.07-12 D24 & B46
Room depth 58.07-2 & 55.07-13 D25 or B47
Windows 58.07-3 & 55.07-14 D26 & B48
Natural ventilation 58.07-4 & 55.07-15 D27 & B49

As a ‘reference document’ the weight that can be given to the new Guidelines by decision makers is limited, however it does provide a useful tool for applicants seeking to understand how Council and VCAT is likely to interpret the above Objectives and Standards.

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