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Victoria's New Residential Zones
Aboriginal Cultural Heritage
Calculating Council's 60 Day Timeframe
Applying for Costs at VCAT
Amending a Planning Permit

Councils Being a Bit Cheeky  

It has come to our attention that some Councils are including unreasonable requests in their ‘pro-forma’ correspondence.    The specific issue pertains to several Councils making demands and inferences, as part of their requests for further information, that purport to require applicants to lodge formal amendments with their RFI response.   

Land Use Definitions

Planning Scheme Amendment VC 159 was gazetted on 14 July 2019 and applies to all Victorian Planning Schemes. The Amendment is part of the Victorian Government’s Smart Planning program which aims to simplify and modernise Victoria’s planning policy and rules to make planning more efficient, accessible and transparent. VC159 amends all planning schemes to introduce new land use terms, revise the definition of land use terms and change where land use terms are nested.

VC139 – New Apartment Design Guidelines for Applicants

In late August, the State Government gazetted Amendment VC139. For regular development applicants, the most significant change contained in VC 139 are the new Apartment Design Guidelines for Victoria.
The Apartment Design Guidelines have been created as a companion to the recently introduced Better Apartment Design Standards and are now listed as a reference document within the State Planning Provisions.
Permit applicants seeking planning permission for apartment projects can review the new Apartment Design Guidelines for assistance in interpreting the following Objectives and Standards:

Proposed Amendment Slammed: C140

A recent attempt by Bayside City Council to amend their Neighbourhood Residential Zone (affecting approximately 80% of the residential land in the municipality) raised the ire of residents, professionals and industry bodies alike. The amended schedule to the NRZ was proposed to include a schedule prescribing: