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Victoria's New Residential Zones
Aboriginal Cultural Heritage
Calculating Council's 60 Day Timeframe
Applying for Costs at VCAT
Amending a Planning Permit


On 31 July 2018 the Victorian State Government gazetted Planning Scheme Amendment VC148, affecting all of Victoria’s Planning Schemes and introducing significant structural changes. The Amendment is part of the Victorian Government’s Smart Planning program and aims to simplify and modernise planning policy and rules

Hidden Controls

Both State and Local planning policy can have significant influence on the outcome of a planning permit application, even in circumstances where the relevant planning permit triggers under the zones, overlays or Particular Provisions do not bring such issues to the attention of applicants.

New Zones Now in Force

By the time you read this we expect that the State Government (if true to their word) has introduced the proposed new zones to the Victorian Planning Provisions. The zone changes were due to be incorporated into the VPP on July 1 2013.