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Victoria's New Residential Zones
Aboriginal Cultural Heritage
Calculating Council's 60 Day Timeframe
Applying for Costs at VCAT
Amending a Planning Permit

Victoria’s New Residential Zones

The Victorian Government has introduced the most significant changes to Victoria’s planning zones since the introduction of the standardised Victorian Planning Provisions (VPP) over a decade ago. The new zones are expected to significantly change the residential development landscape across Victoria. The following article looks at the new General Residential Zone […]

Residential Zones Standing Advisory Committee Update

As regular readers will be aware, the Minister for Planning has appointed the Residential Zones Standing Advisory Committee (RZSAC) to advise on the introduction of the new Neighbourhood Residential Zone, General Residential Zone and Residential Growth Zone into local planning schemes. The RZSAC is intended to be in place to support Councils until 30 June 2015.

New Zone Warning for Applicants

Making Amendments to your Application Could Render it Prohibited A recent VCAT decision has sent shivers through the industry by concluding that an applicant who makes amendments to a planning permit application throughout the assessment process (pursuant to Section 50 and 50A of the Planning and Environment Act) will forfeit […]

Amended Rural Zones Announced

Following on from the recent introduction of the new Residential Zones and amended Commercial and Industrial Zones, released in July 2013, the State Government has announced the details of the amended Rural Zones which are scheduled to come into effect on Sept 5 2013.

New Zones Now in Force

By the time you read this we expect that the State Government (if true to their word) has introduced the proposed new zones to the Victorian Planning Provisions. The zone changes were due to be incorporated into the VPP on July 1 2013.

McMansion Planning Puts over $7Billion of Victoria’s Small Constructions at Risk

Regular readers of BDAV News will be aware of the proposed changes to the Residential Zones currently underfoot. Submissions relating to these changes closed on the 28st of the September, and the industry now begins a nervous wait to see whether the new Residential Zones launched by Minister Guy in July 2012 are to be implemented as drafted or revised prior to being rolled out.